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Why book through Waw’hui

Savings/Convenience/Local Support/Advocacy
  • You’re assured that the price you pay is the lowest. When you book through an affiliated marketing company like ours you pay the same if you booked it with the tour operator. Tour operators pay affiliated marketing companies a fee to aid in bringing people to their tours. When you use the link on our website to book a tour or activity,you’re booking it directly with the tour operator.  
  • Convenience. When you book a tour through us,you book it at a location that your near and you don’t need to do extra research to see where the tour is located.
  • We’re local to Hawaii. The revenue we earn is spent back on the Island. The larger competitors are either publicly traded or heavily funded and based in another country. They have to satisfy shareholders and investors and may explain why they have such a bad reputation on the review sites that they can’t manifest positive reviews.
  • You’ll be contributing to a cause focusing on Sustainable Tourism. Our mission is to make an impact down the road on Sustainable tourism by creating a way to help tourist to reduce/reuse/recycle as much as they can.  
  • Save 5% on all tours booked through our site. Visit the website to find out how to get the 5% discount. With Waw’hui you save 5%.
  • Help in resolving any problems that may arise. We have a direct relationship with the tour operators and if you do have a problem we act as an advocate on your behalf. For example, if you never got a refund for a rained out Luau we could get you the proper contact information and let the tour operator know.

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