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As part of our Sustainability Tourism mission, we’re creating a marketplace to allow tourist to reuse/reduce/recycle as efficiently as possible. 

Waw’hui marketplace will be like Play it Again Sports/Goodwill but geared towards tourists.  Initially we’ll have rentals of Scooters/Mopeds, Bicycles, Boogie Boards, Tennis Racquets, Volleyball Net, Snorkel Gear, Go Pro, Golf Clubs, Keurig, Brita’s etc.. 

In addition to this we’re setting up a recycle program for items that can and should be reused or consumed such as food.  Whether it is a Hotel, Airbnb, or VRBO it is communicated to the guest not to leave anything in the place. Often people buy more then they’re able to consume or willing to take home.  This leads to the tourist conveniently disposing of it.  Our aim is to take anything they feel should and can be reused and do so for them.

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