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Receive Your 5% Discount Now

You will receive the 5% discount upon completion of your tour or activity. To receive your 5% discount please forward your booking confirmation from FareHarbor to discount@wawhui.com. The booking confirmation you’ll forward will look like the one below.

After you complete your tour or activity, we’ll send you an email asking you to rate the tour and asking for any feedback that can help us and or the tour operator.  We are looking to represent the best tours and with your direct feedback we can anonymously pass on information to the tour operators to help them improve. 

It’s not necessary to leave a review to receive the 5% discount.  You can simply let us know the method you would like to receive the discount.  You can receive the discount via: Zelle, Paypal, Venmo, Google, Cash App, or Bank Wire transfer.

Fareharbor confirmation

*Keep in mind that whether you book directly with the tour operator or with us the price is the same.  The tour operator pays affiliate marketing companies a finder’s fee, and we book it from their booking.

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